Monday, 10 November 2014

Pontiak Revolves Underneath Us Like A Snake

The Carney brothers are back! Well they never went away - in fact Pontiak is as busy as ever. With the release of Innocence earlier this year, and their heady involvement in Heat Leisure (more on that later), the trio are dropping this 7" Revolve through Portuguese label Revolve Records. It's a true slowburner, the opposite to the frenetic garage psych of their album and the more spaced jams of previous releases - a languid, lethargic lounge crawler. It reminds me of a red velvet couch in a candlelit tavern, the flames flickering, the whisky entombing the soul, the tumbler clasped in the hand, alone with one's ragged regrets and salted chagrin. In short, it's giving me chills. Pre-order the white vinyl release here.

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