Sunday, 9 November 2014

Turn Down The Radio Hiss And Get Your Weird On

Philly acid-drained psychos Purling Hiss released a great little record last month in Weirdon (out through Drag City). I always wanted the trio to forgo the no-fi detritus that, whilst producing an excellent release in 2009's Purling Hiss, also stuck in my craw like sand. But we saw what could happen when the rust was brushed away on Mike Polizze's and co's last album Water On Mars - and now it seems like the right amount of noise and melody, murk and sunshine. Listen to 'Forcefield of Solitude' - it's sunny, squalling, lazy, diligent, funny and serious. It reminds me of a turbo-charged version of Brisbane band Nova Scotia - and seeing as they are one of my favourite bands of the last five years, that's saying something.

Grab Weirdon here.

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