Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Blast Of Volage To Heal The Heart

French garage psychers Volage have whipped up a heady brew for their album Heart Healing (out now through Howling Banana Records - get it here). What I really enjoy about the four-piece is the indebtedness to the janglier moments of 60s garage, yet with an underlying modern sheen and a wonky quirk thrown into the mix Heart Healing is a rollicking, joyous ride. You can rifle through your comparisons bag and pull out many a fitting parallel/crib. 'Loner', however, is a glam-tinged behemoth that nevertheless roars forth for seven minutes, refusing to space out and glide, instead letting the glitter-stained sweat fly. 'This Ain't A Walk' follows in the same vein. Heart Healing has that woozy theatricality of Led Zep/Ty Segall, the pop eccentricity and warmth of the Kinks, the pastoral whimsy of the Byrds... But it is none of these things either. Just get in.

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