Thursday, 17 July 2014

Taking Comfort In A CS35

Here is the first in what will be a few posts looking at fellow small independent Aussie labels (albeit mostly focusing on cassettes as the mode of tactile output). Comfort 35 is a small label in Melbourne that have put out the likes of SM faves Franco Cozzo and Inches (who incidentally include the Franco Cozzo guys - keeping it in the family I guess...). Further afield in the releases front is Gorsha, a Darwin collective that lurk in the lo-fi noise barrens, waiting to drag you into the subterranean depths; NZ's Sweater who delve into the mathematical metrics of Polvo palpitations, but with more of the black lung; the synth punk nihilism of Brunswick East's own swirling dervish Yakks; the warped hip-hop instrumental jammers of Baba-x; the trans-dimensional meanderings of Orchestra Lax and Leagues; the contemplative synth sworl of Domestic Worker... The idea for the label is to dub all releases onto C35 tapes, which are then assembled by hand and are limited to 35 editions each. It's an eclectic roster, one that is close to my heart, and one that I wish all of you to get into - either to disappear down the rabbit hole, or to tear it asunder. You can get any/all of these releases, and more, here.

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