Monday, 21 July 2014

Eating Me A Dogwood Dag

There is something attractive by the laconic nature of Dag, Dusty Anastassiou's solo/band project (he is also involved in "supergroup" Scrabbled and plays the pivotal rhythm guitar that underpins the shambolism of Thigh Master). The first time I saw them play was September 2013 when Matt Ford (Thigh Master/Black Vacation/Per Purpose/Deadshred/Kids Cryptic/Tenth Court - clearly needs to be busier...) and Curtis Wakeling (The Ocean Party/Velcro/etc - another dude with too much time on his hands) both suggested they support Velcro and Hot Palms. With a lineup that also included Thigh Master, Fred Savage Beasts and The Creases, Anastassiou's drawl and slow-burn crawl really stuck out. Dag has played another Sonic Masala show supporting Black Vacation - here is a clip from that set, with Central Station train times in the background...

Well Tenth Court have finally coaxed a release out of the bastard, the aptly tongue-in-cheek titled Dogwood cassette. It's the kind of downer pop dreariness that you could mistake for being a mainstay in Australia at the moment - but Dusty's drawl, finely strung guitarwork and the ratcheted energy of closer 'There Is A Power' that truly pushes Dag into the spotlight. Forever a work in progress, Dag looks up through the wires of the Hills hoist with some Fruity Lexia and VBs, looking at chemtrails and skyline cranes and scratching its head with wonder, a crooked grin and a sigh of chagrin. And as far as looking at the travails of the young penniless set, 'Staying Cheap' is still one of the best songs to come out of Brisbane for some time. Pick up Dogwood here.

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