Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sinking Under The Witching Waves

Man I'm loving the punch and grit of Concrete, London duo Witching Waves’ cassette (out through Soft Power Records). Two track only but they clearly embody the twin personalities coiled within – wrecked guitar pop with a mono, brooding sheen and languishing ambitions on the wasteland Midlands a la Sons & Daughters at their most nihilistically droll (‘Concrete’), until the “chorus” gives us a ray of sunshine; and a lurking post punk found in a no frills deserted art space, all space and nuance and intent before the hammer threatens to rain down (‘Chain Of Command’). It’s minimal, yet the interaction between the two make this a rollicking listen and promises for the same in the live arena. Showing that England isn’t devoid of interesting, dark, grimy rock (albeit with the colourful sheen afforded by the interplaying boy/girl vocals undercutting the distortion and one-two relentlessness of the drums). The cassette is sold out – Witching Waves are resolutely DIY so expect to see them play a squat, laundromat or pub toilet near you (Ill try to make the Bad Vibrations show at the Shacklewell Arms on Sunday August 3 - maybe see y'all there?).

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