Monday, 7 July 2014

Roaring Forth Out Of Dead Waves

Good morning. I have a foggy brain this morning, so I'm blasting out the cobwebs with some dirgey grunge a la 2014, courtesy of New York's Dead Waves. Albini is all over this, but the sludge roar is etched into the trio's DNA - 'Oracles Of The Grave' was recorded in one take. It's a brutal punisher, one that evokes the 90s yet also feels entrenched in the moment - an expulsion of dank sweat and the gnashing of teeth, and that bass dragged through the muck like a harbinger of death before the throat is torn out with howls of anguish. The flip side is 'Promises', a more melodic effort that offers a buoyancy in the darkened prism, a catharsis of light that yin-yangs from the blight. There is constant juxtaposition here from the band name outwards - the death vs the ebb and flow of life; the cleanness of the instrumentation vs the rust flaking off the molten riffs; the double-helix squall vs the tempered harmony of 'Promises'; I really like where this is heading...

Both these tracks make up a 7" they are bringing out soon.

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