Thursday, 17 July 2014

Believe in Devil World in your Mind

Two songs from south and even further south of the ‘Deep North’ that is Queensland. Yeah, the place where we complain about a winter that would see most people around the world stripping to near illegal limits in order to sun themselves in the nearest public park.

Richard in your Mind’s ‘Hammered’ is this kind of song (the turning your white bits into red bits kind). It’s a bit drunk on life and cheap wine. You know those scenes on the front of goon boxes where the Victorian style people (not Melbourne hipsters, the sex-starved, non-ironic corset wearers of the queen Victoria) sit around having an idyllic picnic replete with parasols and blossoms? Well this is for your backyard version of the same thing. Smile through the burn, tongue in cheek, you’re not drowning, just drinking heavily.

Peter Escott’s (of the Native Cats) ‘Believe in Devil World' is not that kind of song. It’s more the reflection afterwards as you examine your burning skin and chapped lips in the mirror. The tongue here is not in cheek; it’s forked. Devil World is that place on the other side of the Victorian picnic (in both the hipster and corseted sense). Tasmania winters are not the time for picnics with your baby – unless you harbour motives ulterior to enjoying yourself by the riverside. Devil World is that place you try to escape when you knock back that third glass of cheap champagne and wonder whether bodies float or not.

Escott's album The Big O comes out on Bedroom Suck in August; Richard In Your Mind's Ponderosa is out next month too on Rice Is Nice.

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