Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Looking For Free Luvv

Luvv. I have to say it isn't the name that drew me to this Cardiff four-piece. No. In fact I have no idea what drew me to hit play on 'Free' - maybe it was the subtle entwined beauty of the minimalist cover art for their new cassette Two - but in any case it was a wise decision. The band has a crisp post-punk guitar sound, a beautifully simple yet present bass through-line (you'd be surprised how buried in the mix the bass can be after overdubs rear their bloody heads these days), and the vocals are spat maniacally, seemingly at odds with the barely bridled, yet still tempered, instrumentation. 'More' is more melodic all round, but doesn't have the bite that 'Free' has - nevertheless these guys are worth keeping an eye on. You can pick up Two here.

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