Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fantasies Come To Earthly Life

We have posted about the bedroom noodlings of Massachusetts act The Fantasies since their inception, but it seems that they are becoming more of a cohesive (and live) whole. The Fantasies are now a 4 piece, with Brett on guitar/vocals/tape loops, James on leads, Zoe on bass, Ruvi on drums. The general consensus is that they are blatantly stealing from every band every created, mashing it together with a giant mortar and pestle, and the vapours left behind becomes their sonic blueprint. With the spirit of Michael Jackson providing over it all... Seriously, there is nothing serious to take from Earth Life, the band's 3 track EP, but then again that is precisely the point - which makes this a fun repeated listen to put on whilst you are losing your shit in the most positive way.

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