Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fun Times With Black Gum

Last week, I came across New York via Texas sludge surfers Black Gum on a random search for something to blast me out of the doldrums of a typically terrible Neck Yourself Tuesday (much more treacherous than Death March Monday...) - and, alongside Fungi Girls' Some Easy Magic, I lived to fight another day. Black Gum's sloppy dirge-like take on the popular surf rock errs on the wrong side of caution - which is why their self-titled cassette (out on Monofonus Press) is so awesome. Whilst production values have done well for the likes of luminaries Ty Segall and Wavves, somehow I feel Black Gum would disintegrate if they came anywhere near a cleaner sound. As it stands, this is dirty without sounding put on, sloppy yet with a clear connectedness, and aggressive whilst ready to give you a bear hug after pummelling you. These are the sharp sounds that give you the warm and fuzzy's.

Grab Black Gum here.

Black Gum - Single Life
Black Gum - Back To The Beach

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