Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Shell Shocked On Battle Ave

I mentioned on the weekend that a few albums had slipped through the cracks as far as me covering them - the first two I wanted to bring to the attention being from Mittenfields and Avalanche Ammo (check em both out here). Now I'd say Ive been even more slack when its come to New York band Battle Avenue - I think they sent me their debut full length War Paint some three months ago, with change. Its a great album too, put together by Kevin McMahon (who has also worked with Titus Andronicus, The Walkmen, Swans, and Frightened Rabbit) There is a heady sense of deja vu here - like putting elements from The Hold Steady, Modest Mouse and Titus Andronicus into a decrepit crucible - the result of which sees molecules from each mutating and conjoining into a dirty, dishevelled whole. The vocals are stripped bare, as if stripped from vocalist Jesse Alexander forcibly, and its this honest delivery that underpins the band's sound. Its all quite verbose and grandiose (and a whole lot of other -oses Im sure), therefore McMahon's involvement at Ground Zero of War Paint makes perfect sense.

War Paint is currently available as a free download here - indulge in a great little indie release that will hopefully boost these guys into the stratosphere.

Battle Avenue - " "
Battle Avenue - Oh Other, You Brother

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