Thursday, 1 September 2011

Veronica's Bad Fall Feeling

London's Veronica Falls have been hovering around the edges of success for a while now, and whilst they haven't had the leg up that Male Bonding or even Fair Ohs have had, they still hold their own and punch well above their wait. That said, the slog may be about to come somewhat easier as their debut self-titled album prepares to drop like a meteor in October (thanks to Slumberland Records). Carrying on from the momentum built by great tracks 'Beachy Head' and 'Found Love In A Graveyard' (haven't we all?, really??), 'Bad Feeling' rolls forth like a bad acid trip of a Western set in a fictional land between the surf of Big Sur and the hairpin turns of Devilgate Drive. This is the 60s rock hit from an alternate universe that we have all been waiting for. These guys appear to have nailed the Dick Dale/The Shadows-tinged surf rock, the Shangri-Las style of hip-swaying doo-wop brilliance and a dash of Morricone mysticism that has inexplicably become a salient focus in indie rock circles. The B-side 'Back Page' is just as delicious, recorded with Rory Attwell (what ISN'T this guy doing?). This is a release Im very excited about. They will also be playing the Lexington in London in October, then touring the UK with Dum Dum Girls in November. No plans to come down to Australia...yet...but we can take solace that another solid album is on its way.

Buy the Bad Feeling 7" and/or pre-order the Veronica Falls LP here.

Veronica Falls - Bad Feeling by Bella Union

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