Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Slap Yourself A Smile, Honey Bucket

(Post written by Fred Savage Beasts)

Sometimes I look at the runtimes on the track listings for albums and make a snap judgement. Like, if there are at least three songs less than two minutes, I’m fully down for that shit. It’s not a time cost-benefit-analysis thing, it’s an attitude thing. If a band is willing to write, record and release a bunch of songs under a couple of minutes I am right there with them. That’s how life really happens – immediately.

I wasn’t let down with this one. No more than I have been with how life really happens, anyway. Get your paws into Honey Bucket. Here are the thoughts that you always had but never wrote down. The kind of things that occur to you as you squint at the sun walking down the street past the trees feeding off the bodies in the graveyards they’re rooted in. Those kinds of things - there is splendour (all the splendour you’ll ever need) in the grass and the leaves and the tape machines and two minutes - the things that make you smile when you realise you’re realising them.

Get the cassette for Futon now at their Bandcamp.

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