Sunday, 17 August 2014

Climbing The Leafy Rat Columns

Why not bliss out this Sunday on a West Australian done good? Rat Columns is David West, who you might recognise from the excellent Rank/Xerox. The dude has been hunkered down in San Francisco for some time, and whilst his presence has been well and truly felt, it's his more heartfelt kraut yearnings with Rat Columns that West truly hits his stride. The trio have a new album out on RIP Society, Leaf, which you can grab here. It's a mixture of twanged out New Wave myopics and longsighted C86-aping jams, conducive to impromptu interpretive dances with a goblet of red wine in the lounge room at 2 in the morning... So that's our Sunday sorted then... And you might notice some synth lines coming to play here - courtesy of man-of-all-trades Mikey Young.

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