Monday, 25 August 2014

Huffing Til I'm Blue

I was listening to the new Sleep song 'The Clarity' last night. Wow, what a...well, a stoner rock song? I wasn't all that enthused by it - sacrilege and all that, right? Instead I have been thinking about Huffer. No they don't do doom - but this LA duo embrace unease in a nebulous fashion that 'The Clarity' is unable to harness. The reason? Huffer's song 'Blue' is incredibly unhinged - for some reason I feel that this is the kind of glimpse you would have gotten into Harmony Korine's head around the time of Gummo (although it could be biased towards the fact I saw Kids in the cinema for the first time on Thursday). It squalls, it crawls, it lurks, it leers, it rolls its eyes into the back of its head and spit yellow flecked spit. It isn't overly evil though - Huffer are instead in tune with unleashing the deranged thoughts that hover just under the surface, an exfoliating purge that oozes rather than explodes. Consider me hooked.

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