Monday, 15 June 2015

Stoned/Fisted Health

It's been quiet on the Sonic Masala front this past week, but there has been a lot behind the scenes. We had our second Sonic Masala: London showcase (w/ H.Grimace, Gloss Rejection, James X Boyd & the Boydoids, Majorettes and Winnaretta) that was a killer Sunday sesh, followed by a week of great gigs, and the double EP launch for the Danyl Jesu/Barge With An Antenna On It 12" blasted Brisbane's The Bearded Lady away.There was also a lot of great music released in this downtime - and as it so happened one track came from LA noise junkies HEALTH, who also played here in London last Tuesday. It was great to have the band back after what feels like such a long time away, and new track 'Stonefist' is quintessential HEALTH with a more New Wave Goth bent. Live they are able to blend these "mellow"pop moments with more visceral sonic abrasions for something that is quite breathtaking.

The long-awaited (and this adjective is an understatement) second HEALTH album Death Magic is out in August through Loma Vista Recordings - preorder it here.

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