Monday, 22 June 2015

Night Duty Down In The Sewers

Things have changed a bit since gutter gnashers Sewers hoisted themselves out of the muck and mire to bring us Hoisted. There have been band member additions and changeovers (Per Purpose's Harry Byrne tears the guitar from Shan Corrigan so he can spit vitriol without inhibition, while Thigh Master's Matt Ford takes over the drums from a travelling Dan Decsi). Incoming LP Weight (also coming out on the excellent Homeless Records) shows very little has changed however. Lead track 'Night Duty' starts out with an acoustic twang before Corrigan's drawled round-vowelled sneer steers the ship towards the rocks. I've been lucky to have the album for over a month and it's a bit cleaner, a bit easier to discern purpose, but no less decrepit and depraved. A review is in the offing - but for now, start your Night Duty by drooling bile in anticipation. Stop dozing and step in for the kill - still stinging. Pre-order Weight here. Sewers head to the US later this month - here are the dates:

June 29 - NYC at Clockwork
June 30 - NYC at Alphaville 
July 2 - Cleveland at Now That’s Class
July 3 - Columbus at Ace of Cups
July 4 - Detroit at Nancy Whiskey 
July 5 - Chicago at The Burlington + Permanent in-store @ 5 pm
July 7 - Lafayette at Spot Tavern
July 8 - Louisville or Bloomington?
July 9 - Memphis at TBA
July 11 - Austin at Beerland 
July 14 - Tucson at Sky Bar
July 15 - LA at 4th St. Vine
July 16 - San Pedro at Harold’s Place (+Perm in-store)
July 18 - San Francisco at Hemlock 

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