Saturday, 20 June 2015

Kinski Go For 7 (Or 8)

Kinski are back! After the cathartic menace that permeated 2013's Cosy Moments (remember the Repo Man homage jacket photo?) and their split earlier this year with fellow Seattle stoned droners Sandrider, the four-piece are prepped to release 7 (Or 8) (a play on whether the band has actually put out seven or eight albums - the jury's out, even for the band) through Kill Rock Stars. They continue to actively confound categorisation: 'Detroit Trickle Down' highlights their propensity for instrumental doom and destruction; 'Drink Up and Be Somebody' indicating their love of Raw Power continues to fuel the fires, along with their fused fuzz pedals; 'I Fell --' is heaver and faster still; while closer 'Bulletin Of The International String Figure Association' is a twelve minute gravity-crushing comedown. There is a cohesion here suggesting that after a decade Kinski have found their punk drone sonic slipstream too - very exciting indeed.

Grab 7 (Or 8) here.

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