Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ex Actions

Action Beat and I go waaaaay back. Paul put me onto the band from Bletchley; I saw them play a house show with Bilge Pump and almost got knocked out by a flying glass; I saw them cram the stage at the 2010 Shoreditch 1234 festival and destroy; and my friend Dan almost got in a fight with them at Barden's Boudoir when heckling them. Hell, I was so drunk on stage that night that any idea of a career in music proper was well and truly slayed (Artifacts of Space Travel, anyone?). This multilimbed noise freakfest still play, and currently have for the first time a vocalist. That vocalist? GW Sok from the fucking Ex. What bullshit is this? The best goddamn kind, that's what. My day just got infinitely better. Don't believe me? Look. listen, fucking learn.

The collaboration is also album worthy! A Remarkable Machine can be gleaned from here!!!!!!!

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