Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Warm Soda For A Young Reckless, Ageless Heart

For better or worse, I'm a massive fan of Warm Soda. The band. Warm soda is all kinds of awful. In fact, it’s not soda, it’s soft drink. Or pop. But let’s not digress too much…

Matthew Melton has a way of crafting and recording simple jangly garage rock compositions that are shone through a sepia, nostalgic prism – and I don’t mean Instagram selfie do a quick alteration and everything is groovy either. Like fellow Californian Mikal Cronin, Melton’s Warm Soda feels displaced, as if unearthed cryofrozen from a time capsule from a sunnier, sappier era of which history shows no sign of, like a decade . Something For You is a constant for me when I want to just relax with a goofy grin, and whilst newie Young Reckless Hearts (also out through ever-excellent Castle Face Records) pares things back a dash, the lack of a roaring rock track is compensated by unadulterated love and superfluous melodies flowing forth like bathing honey. Is it old? New? From a kid’s perspective looking forward? An ageing hippy looking back? Any of these things? None? It's a space-age contraption that came from ancient times...or something. I'm sleep deprived. All I know is, Young Reckless Hearts traverses time, space and sensibilities to nestle in the cockles of the (melted) heart.

Young Reckless Hearts is out now. These may be gone, but as always Castle Face are dabbling in weird colour vinyl schemes, and this version is called Pentacolor AND the first 69 bought receive a fridge magnet from the cluttered cover from Melton himself. Don't worry if you miss out though - the next batch is a milky clear vinyl with grape splatter. Seriously enough to give anyone the horn.

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