Monday, 28 April 2014

Chubby Pubic Hair

I had to slip this on quickly. Those North England lizards Sleaford Mods have another record out soon, but before you get that you get all their 7"s piled into one for their Chubbed Up digital release. My favourites are the two slices that came off their Matador Records 7" Record Club release, 'Pubic Hair Ltd' and 'Routine Dean', both of which you can listen to below. There is something hilarious, dumb and necessary about these guys, all in the same breath. Who gives a fuck about heroes at all, really, when you get incessant beats from a beaten down drum machine and roughshod vocals spat scattershot like a demented homeless soothsayer. Enjoy.

NOTE - The new album came out today! Have a listen below. I will too. What do you think? Leave a comment...

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  1. Anonymous30/4/14 15:55

    Listened on BandCamp but waiting for the vinyl which should be out any time soon