Friday, 12 February 2016

Scraped Misery

Jesus, I am falling further and further into the scuzz punk sewers aren’t I? Today it’s the industrial rabies bite of Misery, the new record from San Franciscans Scraper. It's produced by Chris Woodhouse, more known for Bay Area garage rock like Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall, but it’s his Blind Shake repertoire that inflects throughout this cesspit of an album. You see, Scraper hates everyone around them, even themselves, as the brilliant title track espouses. Meanwhile there are tracks like ‘Blue Velvet’ – Pissed Jeans in embryonic devolution. When there is such vitriolic self-loathing, how else would you expect them to look out from under their own abuse at all the other fuckers breathing all the precious air. Guttural punk bilge pumps, Scraper are saving all the black detritus of the human condition for your last supper – bon appetit. Misery is another Slovenly pus capsule - ingest here at your peril.

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