Monday 13 October 2014

A Not-so-subtle Turn Of The Homeless Hips

Let's start the week with some unhinged French punk rock, yeah? Subtle Turnhips actually brought Redhair With Some out back in June (through great Aussie label Homeless Records no less) but it slipped through my fingers until this weekend. As I was charring sausages to within an inch of their lives, smoke billowing around me, a pint near at hand, the meltdowns this trio dole out fit perfectly with my fried mind. It swings from crunchy blues with feral hues to gravel-rash gutter punk and broken glass rock, all with unfettered, crazy-eyed abandon. And the connection to Homeless is clear from the bent-string anarchy of 'Cousin' and the last-gasp whisky rasp of 'Digit (five)' to the (suppression) rings being run on 'Slime'. Redhair With Some is the missing link in Franco-Oz punxploitation (even the artwork is like a lewd reimagining of a Mick Turner/Dirty Three watercolour) - get it here.

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