Saturday, 24 May 2014


It's hard to describe NY five-piece Cloud Becomes Your Hand. Best just jump wholeheartedly into their world then. Their latest release is Rocks Or Cakes, out now on Northern Spy Records. A cross between Animal Collective ADD energy underscored with the more Xanax-sprinkled undercurrents of Inner Islands releases, with a bunch of quirky, deliberate missteps along the way, Rock Or Cakes is a pretty good album title for what lie within. There are traditional pan pip folk from a mechanical Hell ('Bees Going Postal'), Dirty Projectors on acid in a paint mixing machine ('Felt Beetle'), Mr Oizo on downers in a vat of formaldehyde at the penultimate scene of a Paul Thomas Anderson film ('Theme From Baby Age') - its a fantastic yet mind bending sojourn into a rancorous world. (I realise that this review is pretty ridiculous - but I did warn you they were hard to they are on Northern Spy, that should have been all you needed to know)...

Grab Rocks Or Cakes here.

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