Monday, 26 May 2014

Moving Mountains

What a glorious day to kick off the last week of autumn? Let's accompany this Indian summer feel with another blissful aberration from the Thrill Jockey stable in the form of Motion, the LP from one-half of excellent NY droners Mountains, Koen Holtkamp. This follows in the amorphous, hypnotic fashion of his "day band" - but there is a sense of naturalness, of being embalmed by warm light in the open expanses of Mother Earth, both here and in other, alternate universes, that wraps Motion up into an individual sonic cocoon of its own. Combine the six-track opus of Motion with the Collected Works CD offcuts, and you have over two hours of undulated synth loops, glitches and warm sine-waves, intercut with nebulous guitar lines and ephemeral bass, all evoking incremental movements of atmosphere - slowly escalating tension; slowly coalescing joy.

For me Motion is a sojourn through a million spinning lights; wading through psychedelic formaldehyde; a somnambulist's epiphany. So whilst 'Between Invisible Things' imbues every pitter-patter effect, sonorous synth line and syncopated beat into a journey of hope and sunlight, the insistent cyclical nature of 'Endlessness' is a little less ebullient, a little more weighted, shadows darkening the amber glow before inexorably disappearing through a cerebral wormhole... It's an album of cinematic mores, futurist inflections, emulations of life, and usurper of all things evil in this or any world. Fantastic stuff - just drop in and disappear.

You can get Motion here - its bloody great.

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