Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wear This Birthgiving Toad As A Fruit Hat

Certainly not the most attractive of names, Denmark's Birthgiving Toad nevertheless creates some narcotic, mesmeric tunes. His new album As Fruit Hat is as whacked as ever, but this time he is closer to the nexus of what his powers can truly wield. These stoned out anthems, opened by 'Thought Of Having The Most', are prog rock melting pots without the jazz fusion circle jerks. In fact, this record, much like the previous record For Awkward Company (which I reviewed here), is a blender of sounds, melding everything from trad 80s rock riffs and noise to pop sensibilities and progressive compositions. It sounds quite like, yet unlike, anything you have ever heard before. It's even more impressive in that it doesn't make you work for your money - whatever BT have done, they have done it in a weirdly accessible way. A mainstream headfuck? We can only hope...

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