Monday, 16 April 2012

Shooting Up And Raving On In Copenhagen

Those excellent dudes over at They Shoot Music, Don't They? refuse to let Copenhagen get on with its normal life, as the guerrilla Copenhagen Sessions continue to roll on. There have been a few notable ones in recent months in particular that I have been loving. Firstly, I couldn't go past The Raveonettes, paring it all back in the city where their wild musical ride all began. Their session is in the entrance hall of the Vega - how awesome is the 1950s decor?! Perfectly in tune with the monochrome duo. These guys have left an indelible mark on me ever since their amazing Whip It On EP back in 2002, which still ranks as one of the best records of all time for me (yes, big call, so what, wanna fight about it?) It is a special occasion, and Sharin and Sune don't disappoint, offering a rare song from their 2005 EP A Touch Of Black called 'Railroad Tracks'. Great stuff.

There have been some other great offerings in recent times as I mentioned, from the likes of S.C.U.M, Nada Surf (both in Vienna) and Kaiser Chiefs - yes, it's true, these guys glean the best out of EVERYone - and a snippet from each can be viewed below. All sessions are on their website. Cos I'm so slack, it might be best to head over here on your own so you don't miss out on future sessions as they happen!

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