Wednesday, 18 May 2011

VIDEO VACUUM - Old Monk, Boom Bang, Empire Express

Halfway through the week. Its been a weird one. So many hours at the coalface with an empty hand at the end of it. Well, maybe these three vids will offer enough disparity and effervescence to get you over the hump and surfing towards another glorious weekend...

First up is Old Monk, whose Birds Of Belize album was an enjoyable romp (check out our thoughts here). Here's the video for 'Sacred Birds', a punchy number that has a fairly simplistic music video that is no less compelling - well, I was enthralled by the powder blue tux...

I wouldn't expect anything less from The Boom Bang than a cheap ass video that is rad as hell. What with all it garish Wordpaint .gif like imagery, faux hipsters and the dorkiest moves this side of an ABC kindergarten, 'Tobacula' just rocks. This is cool, you pencil mo stroking...strokers. Yeah, cop that!

And to round us out and bring us down from the sugar rush high, this beautiful number from Swedes Empire Express, whose Valleyland album was an unexpected corker of an album. The video for 'I Miss You (Home)' is fairly understated, but with a track this beautiful, it is impossible to resist. Go on, just try to resist! You can't can you? Nuh uh...

Now get back to work!

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