Sunday 27 December 2015

Sonic Masala - Hits of '15

Bit late, what ya gonna do? Sonic Masala's list of "things" in no particular order...

20 ALBUMS of '15:

US Girls - Half Free
My Disco - Severe
Uniform - Perfect World
Housewives - Work
Trupa Trupa - Headache
Viet Cong - Viet Cong
Kitchens Floor - The Battle Of Brisbane
The Spook School - Try To Be Hopeful
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - Scrying In Infirmary Architecture
Ex Breathers - Past Tense
Making - Highlife
Deaf Wish - Pain
Totally Mild - Down Time
Spray Paint - Punters On A Barge
Lehmann B Smith - Thank God For My Body
Pale Heads - Headless
Primitive Motion - Pulsating Time Fibre
So Stressed - The Unlawful Trade Of Greco-Roman Art
Lightning Bolt - Fantasy Empire
Greys - Lyre
Day Ravies - Liminal Zones (I know, this is bias - but it is pretty awesome)


Deafcult - Deafcult
Negative Space - Demo
Stations - Stations
Exhaustion - Phased Out & W/ Kris Wanders
Pretty Hurts - Expectations
The Rangoons - A Postcard From Rangoon Island
Perfume Garden - Splintered Time
Mutton - Flyblown
Ballroom - Ballroom
Tempo House - Sketches
EVA - Zeroes
Yaws - Undo U/Candy
Andrew Tuttle - Slowcation
Danyl Jesu/BARGE With An Antenna On It - Celebration/BARGE (again, bias, whatever)


Lightning Bolt - 'The Middle East'
US Girls - 'Sororal Feeling'
Halt Ever - 'Patricia'
Pontiak - 'Shit Sucks'
Tortoise - 'Gesceap'
The Gooch Palms - 'Tiny Insight'
Sweet Talk - 'Someone Else'
Kitchens Floor - 'Sundowner'
Nth Wheel - 'Shutter'
Sports - 'Stunted'
Hotel Wrecking City Traders - 'Droned & Disowned (Pt2)'
Die Verboten - 'E40'
Terry - 'Talk About Terry'
Rolling Blackouts - 'Clean Slate'
Frida - 'Slowly'
Ought - 'Sun's Coming Down'
Wilful Boys - 'Flat Out'
The Ocean Party - 'Guess Work'
All The Weathers - 'Oh And Yes'
The Stress Of Leisure - 'Goodyear Blimp'
Heptagon Heaven - 'World Government'
Aliment - 'Car Crush'
Old Mate - 'Atmospheric Pressure'
Bad Dreems - 'Cuffed & Collared'
Darts - 'Solitary Refinement'


Another four releases through the label (Ghost Notes' Moonlight State, Dollar Bar's Hot Ones, split 12" between Danyl Jesu and BARGE With An Antenna On It, and Day Ravies' Liminal Zones)
Sonic Masala Fest '15
Screamfeeder dedicating 'Stopless' to me @ SM Fest '15
Sonic Masala's first show in London (ft Giant Swan, Yaws, mnttab and Tooms)
Seeing Japan's The Piqnic - one of the best sets I have witnessed in years
Going to my first Golden Plains festival in Meredith, Melbourne
Seeing Pile @ The Lexington, London
Seeing Disappears @ The Lexington, London
Hosting Nathan (other half of SM Records) in London for a few days in May
Finding out Christos Tsioklas (author of The Slap and Barracuda) is a big fan of Dollar Bar
Meeting a lot more excellent people.

Here's to 2016!

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