Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Bar Is Already Low - So Love Your Pissed Jeans

It's that time of night where there is nothing for it but to piss your jeans. But Pissed Jeans have been doing it for you for years now, and are about to do it again in the form of fifth record Why Love Now (with cover art of frontman Matt Korvette going full Ricky Martin). Why indeed? These irascible, irrepressible reprobates are one of THE best live bands on the planet - they dont give a fuck, but they do so in a pitch tar sardonic way, making you laugh at your shortcomings, your foibles, your hangups, knowing their serrated magnifying glass is abrasively incisive. They are just funny bastards too (see the photo above - it's a Russian doll of flipped birds, redundant meaning within redundant meaning - priceless). And the first taste off it? Appropriately titled 'The Bar Is Low', it is three minutes of throwback rock - at first it feels wrong - where are the more eviscerating pace and grind? It comes - of course it does! - with Korvette growling in the middle of the maelstrom, eyes rolling, disdain sweating from every pore. Is it taking the piss? Maybe. Probably. I don't know. It's about how every man on the face of the earth is a shithead - so yeah, this is the real deal. All I do know is, this is already a frontrunner for album of 2017 - yep, interest piqued that much. Preorder Why Love Now through Sub Pop here.


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